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Frankton Park is a client focused organisation that provides supported and independent living options where those with and without disabilities can live.

  • Residential and vocational options

  • 24 hour care and respite

  • Pre-assessment for service referrals

  • Functional living skills assessments

  • Placement assessments

  • Supporting high risk users of services living in the wider community

  • Holiday rehabilitation programmes

  • Post hospital recovery stays

  • Supported flatting

  • Own home

  • Single units



Our primary focus is facilitating rehabilitation and goal achievement for people living with a traumatic and/or acquired brain Injury alongside people in the community pursuing career paths and employment, developing life skills such as budgeting, how to run a home, pursuing further education, or simply learning how to get on with people, managing your own risks and living a satisfying life to the full extent of every individual’s ability.


Our organisation believes that our approach is relevant for all cultural groups, Maori and non-Maori alike. Identity, language, culture and rehabilitation underpin the values of our organisation. The Frankton Park Limited (Residential Based Service) logo is designed for our clients, whanau/ families and staff to use as a starting point to share their own identity, language and culture.  Sharing where they come from, who they are, the language they speak and traditional cultural customs and practices. We have been operating for just over 2 years as a private provider in central Hamilton.


Frankton Park currently has long term residential based clients living together in a variety of homes and client mix that is appropriate to the individuals skill/experience and level of supported independence. Frankton Park Ltd offers 24/7 support and supervision provided by experienced staff.



“I am in this service because I want to achieve a living standard for when I move on. I'm learning to cook, clean and live with others. I'm with people my own age, it's chilled out and it just works. I am having a lot of fun doing physical labour and getting a sweat on. I'm excited to do more in the future.”




"We have known Daryl for many years and could not be more pleased with Daryl's efforts and the results he has achieved with Joshua. I very much appreciate Daryl's straight forward demeanour and his depth of knowledge in terms of getting quick results and teaching Joshua invaluable skills that will help him live a more fulfilling life."











"We are delighted with Joshua's progress since he has been at Frankton Park. A significant change in attitude for the better, thanks to Daryl and the staff for what have been some challenging situations. Josh is better at handling what life gives him and is responding in an upbeat manner and taking it in his stride."





“I went to the curtain factory and I familiarised myself with the work place. We got straight into work by straightening and removing nails from table tops and support beams before constructing the tables again. We set a goal to be out of the factory by 3pm and we achieved this half an hour early. We then returned home to the kitchen to learn how to cook cottage pie for our dinner.”



Better Care Starts with You!


Frankton Park successfully completed the Healthcare Certification Audit on the 2 September 2016.


The auditor submitted the findings to the Ministry and our team at Frankton Park are particularly pleased with the following comments made in the Audit report: 



"The assessment identifies all needs and the goals demonstrate a drive to independence. The client and family state that they are actively engaged in the service and that significant positive outcomes have been achieved. Members of the MDT, including the chief executive, the client and family describe these as improved social interaction, significant improvements in management of daily and personal cares, an understanding of their own abilities and insight into their injury with a future focus now. Members of the MDT describe a refusal to fail now and a maturity that has meant self-responsibility. The client has internalised control and support versus relying on external agencies to rescue and ‘do for the client. External agencies are involved as required such as support to find employment.”

Frankton Park is ACC contracted and certified under section 26 of the Health & Disability Services (Safety) Act 2001 to provide health care services for the following:

  • Residential disability services - Intellectual

  • Residential disability services - Physical

  • Residential disability services - Psychiatric

  • Residential disability services - Sensory